Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Eclipse Settings

We can change Eclipse Settings for different aspects  by following below steps:

Adding  numbers to java class:

Here we can add the line numbers to our class, for that..
Windows -> Preferences ->General ->Editors ->TextEditors 
      and check the showLine numbers. ->Apply

LogCat settings:

If we want to change the styles of LogCat , then Go to
Windows ->Preferences ->Android ->LogCat ->Change(Button)
 Choose your styles and click OK

ShortCut Keys for Eclipse:

There are number of shortcut Key for Eclipse, For those  Ctrl+ Shift+L 
It will display all available shortcut keys

Taking Screen Shots from device Using DDMS:

 Connect the device two system, then choose the 
Windows ->Showview ->Devices ->(Choose your device) ->Screen Capture(Top of the window with camera Image)

Open the screens in your device, then it will show under Screen Capture, and click Save button to save the captured Image in your given path.

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